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From Out Of The Whirlwind

At last I return to Gravity From Above. But I don’t actually feel like I’ve been away. I’ve been making too many videos on my three YouTube channels, which get far more attention than this site at the moment. AND I am trying to get my library sent to me here in Tbilisi, all the way from Alaska. And that is a campaign I’ve just started. But I am already well over halfway to my goal. Check it out. And if you are one of my long term supporters please do consider helping me accomplish this crazy herculean task. (Currently we are $6,182 of my$10,000 goal!)

But I have more on my mind than simply asking for help. I want to let you know what’s going on in my world of puppetry, music, dance and other arts.

First of all as I said I don’t feel I’ve been too far from this site at all. Because I’ve been working videos of a puppetry nature on my Gravity From Above YouTube channel. (Tell me you’ve found it already.) The video you really need to watch is my “Serious Introduction to Marionettes”. This hour long mini-documentary on the art of the marionette is one of several practice runs for my full length Gravity From Above documentary, that everyone has been waiting far too long for. So if you are long time Gravity From Above supporter, please do not hesitate go watch that and let me what you think of it.

Next: I have released the full video of my 2012 interview with Czech puppeteer Tomáš Procházka, a former member of Buchty a Loutky, and now in Handa Gote, whom you should seek out next time you are in Prague. He has many insights into the meaning of the tactility of puppetry in an increasingly abstract digital world.

I have also released a series of three videos of the Georgian dance troupe Sukhishvili from Tbilisi. This is rehearsal footage from 2016 as well as an interview with Artistic Director Nino Sukhishvili. If you want to learn more about Georgian folk dances and music move with all dispatch to watch these videos.

And the same spirit I have released a couple of videos of the Erisioni music and dance troupe from 2019. Excellent and exciting Georgian dancing all around.

And then for a special treat I have released a video of a short piece of my own fiction read and visually annotated by yours truly. It is a dark work called The Parable Of The Walls. Which I won’t explain, only leave you to puzzle over it.

And what’s coming up on this site? I recently found on my computer the notes I kept for our Reckoning Motions tour through North America with a show called the great Ziggurat. I will be publishing that here in an extended edited form relatively soon. And then also another errant chapter from my never to be finished Gravity From Above book. This one will concern the Grammy Award winning English musician Imogen Heap, her visit to Alaska, and my visit with her in 2005. And there will be more!

Svankmajer would understand. Antique Czech Musical Automata.

So excuse my temporary neglect. One big goal: get Gravity From Above edited this year. And to put together a book of the many interviews I have conducted.

Meanwhile do think about contributing to the cause. And thank you for all following my many journeys. Link below.

Byrne Power

Tbilisi, Georgia

May 12th 2021