A Journey Into European Puppetry

A Little Preview of Gravity From Above

I thought I’d share this with you folks. This is an 11 minute preview of our documentary GRAVITY FROM ABOVE.

While this does not have any of the finalized documentary footage it certainly contains the spirit of the film. I made this mostly to show a few people who might be instrumental in funding this film later. This is certainly not edited professionally yet. Nothing here is representative of the final film, which in all probability won’t be ready until 2014. More funding is needed! Yet this should give you an idea of why such a documentary needs to be completed. There is much more to add and at least one or two more trips to Europe slated to capture more interviews and performance footage. But let this little preview help to show you the scope of Gravity From Above. Also if you haven’t watched the 2 minute trailer please do so by checking out…


Lazaro and Dummy

François Lazaro preparing to practice with the little dummy in Beckett’s Actes Sans Paroles I (Acts Without Words 1) in Paris November 2013

Byrne Power

Haines, Alaska


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