A Journey Into European Puppetry

A Strong Foundation for the Documentary

The Brothers Quay from the early Eighties when they were shooting Street of Crocodiles

Very good news. I received an email last night in response to a request to meet and do an interview. The first words in the letter said “By all means…” and it was signed the Brothers Quay. They were certainly on board now and I would be visiting them in London in late November. Then I heard from my friend Aurelia Ivan today saying that she would be glad to see me again in Paris in mid-November. Those two confirmations gave me a much needed boost of personal satisfaction.

Folks have been asking me lately “Are you excited to be traveling?” “Well yeah of course.” I would reply knowing how much I had to accomplish on this journey. I still have to receive the camera in Berlin. I still have to get up to speed on it before my first interview. I still have to negotiate the financial shoals ahead. This isn’t going to be as carefree as my 2005 puppet exploration, where I had no idea what I would find. But after receiving today’s news I feel I can truly say “Now I’m excited!”

So a short list of people I am more or less guaranteed to talk with: Jan Švankmajer (puppet filmmaker), Nina Malíková (puppet magazine editor), Henryk Jurkowski (puppet historian and philosopher), Josef and Jakub Krofta (puppet theatre directors), Pascal Pruvost (guignoliste), Lenka Pavlickova (puppet carver), Aurelia Ivan and by extension probably Francois Lazaro (puppet theatre directors) Stephen and Timothy Quay (puppet filmmakers).

Aurelia Ivan’s Android from her recent production of Homo Urbanicus by her Compagnie TSARA

By the way if you are anywhere near the New York City area go see the Brothers Quay’s exhibition at MOMA. It’s there until January 7th and they are giving lectures in October and November.

I’m still waiting for a response from Buchty a Loutky in Prague. And there are a several other candidates. But right now I know that I’ve got a very strong foundation to this whole project.

But keep following me. Many surprises must come. Departure October 1st at 11:45 PM by ferry.

Byrne Power

Haines, Alaska

September 26th 2012

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  1. Mr. Power, What are the types of cameras you are using, the film type? What is the set up for each production since you have a great deal of information to establish in a film genre as a study of “European, East European in historical puppetry, marionette theater? This road of documentation a history of collections – seems like a bio like Jean Cocteau or Jean Renoir or my favorite Ophuls…will you offer this to a university after production? forget the first part of this letter or all of it, just a clam trying to be a pearl within a shell

    October 25, 2017 at 2:19 AM

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