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Three Motions

My Book of Puppet Plays For Sale Until October 2nd.

Everypuppet Good Deeds EP Knowledge

A scene from Everypuppet in 2013 in Haines Alaska

And so…

Last year, before I knew I would be moving, I decided that I had been sitting on too much of my creative output. And that none of it was doing any work to help bring in the finances one needs to live. (And believe me I’ve got a lot of this artistic debris lying around.) So I decided to go ahead put three of my puppet plays together and have them printed up into a book called THREE MOTIONS. ‘Motions’ was the Shakespearean age term for puppets. And I always prefer the more poetic language of the past when I can get away with it. And so I put the text together on my own and had a small press print up 150 copies. And then I discovered that my old house was to be sold out from under me and life as I had been living it for the past 21 years was over. And so my box of copies arrived and I was left without a means to sell them since I had to go into working exile into Europe, and I certainly couldn’t send them to anyone from the road.

Three Motions

Three Motions going nowhere.

I did give a few copies away to those who had taken part in some of the plays here in Haines. And I brought ten copies down to my local bookstore. I expected that given the small size of the book they might put it somewhere visible on their counter. Alas the bookstore was sold almost at exactly the same time as I was leaving and the new owner obviously didn’t get what I was trying to do. I watched her put all ten copies sideways into a shelf, where no one would ever look, since they have no words on the spine. And that is where they remained until I returned in April six months. Not one sold. No encouragements to Haines folks through Facebook helped at all. And so I rescued them and put them back with the rest of the pile in my box. And that’s where they have remained throughout the summer because I have been so busy with work that I didn’t get things ready until NOW!

Groovy Cafe

Faust meets Glamour in the 21st century.

But now I have less than a month to go until I leave for Europe and eventually to Georgia for good. And someone may want to buy one of these little books. But I can only sell them through PayPal until October 2nd 2018 (less than a month). After that they will be locked away again in Alaska. And then I probably won’t be able to sell them from Georgia because of the unreliability of the postal system there.

Definition Puppets

Funky puppets redefining the meaning of ‘Fun’.

So I can only sell them now during this extremely brief window of time!

But what are these three little plays? They are works performed by my companies, Reckoning Motions and the Lilliputian Sideshow. They are rather curious puppet plays contrasting great works of literature (Pascal, Everyman and Faust) with postmodern insanities. Everypuppet is a variation on the medieval tale Everyman. 21st Century Faust finds the demon Mephistopheles granting Faust’s desire for all knowledge through the smartphone. The Definition of ‘Fun’ questions the meaning of the word ‘fun’ in the 21st Century. These darkly comic puppet miniatures each confront the present with aspects of the past. And so while they are funny, there is something else going on as well.

Possessions Explains Everything

An allegorical marionette named Possessions from Everypuppet.

Could you perform these yourself? If you wanted to, I suppose you could. Information about that is given in the book. Three Motions is inexpensive. More of a memento and example than anything else, though they did work well as strange little puppet plays when originally performed.

Great Mind

Faust in the Library.

So here’s the point: They are for sale NOW until October 2nd 2018. After that it will nearly impossible for me to sell them. (At least for the foreseeable future.) They are only $10 US with shipping and handling charges. I can only take PayPal sales. I will send them as soon as I receive the money through PayPal. (Sorry I can’t do this any other way right now.) They are SIGNED and NUMBERED.

21st Century FAUST

21st Century Faust 2014.

By buying these you will certainly be helping find my journey through Europe and settling into Tbilisi. Within a year I will have larger needs as I try to buy a flat in Georgia in order to get my residence permit. Every little bit will help. So buy a book. Keep it as a little souvenir of Gravity From Above or Reckoning Motions.

Beauty & Faust

Faust meets a wise woman in the City.

Here are the shipping rates: All dollar amounts US currency.

(If you want a quantity let me know at reckoningmotions {at} y a h o o . c o m )

Book: $10

Postage and Handling (which includes PayPal processing charges):

USA $3.50

Canada & Mexico $4.00

Worldwide $6.00

As an example: One book to France would be $10 + $6 = $16 That is the amount you send to PayPal.

Here is the PayPal link: And this will work all over the world. CLICK THIS!

Buy a book. Read a few puppet plays. Support my work. You have less than a month.

And thanks for everything!

Byrne Power

Haines Alaska


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