A Journey Into European Puppetry


While I’m waiting to find a producer for Gravity From Above I suddenly remembered a little experiment I wanted to make. It ended up becoming a puppet film. Now you might follow the link and watch the 8 minute piece and they say to yourself “Where were the puppets?” I wouldn’t blame you. Most folks have an idea that a puppet has to have a humanoid or at least animal shape. Or perhaps if the puppet is a chair or a pot lid they expect anthropomorphic features; eyes, mouth, nose, hands, feet, etc. These extras tend to be funny to people. Yet I am influenced by folks like Jan Švankmajer. In A Game With Stones (Hra s kameny), his stones remain stones yet have a life. One of my discoveries in my European puppet journeys is that any object can become a puppet even without anthropomorphization. And so in that spirit I present my short little movie, Enamelia.

Without explaining too much let me just say this. There is a drama to these enamel objects. There are four principle actors. (Some folks are fooled into thinking that there is only one.) The first one is a bit of a comedian. The second is an old diva barely keeping it together. The third is more of a Shakespearean actor holding out for the last second. But the fourth, our prima ballerina, performs a basic pirouette, almost boring. But wait! She keeps going! How long can she keep spinning?

Enjoy. I’ll be back soon with more puppetry. Meanwhile you can ponder my little drama called Enamelia.

Byrne Power
Haines, Alaska
December 5th 2016

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