A Journey Into European Puppetry

The Itinerary

Okay I’ve been asked many times. Here it is. My Itinerary for the GRAVITY FROM ABOVE interview journey. Obviously this is still a sketch of the trip. Things can always change. But for the most part this will be what I plan to do, with friends contacted, hotel reservations etc all ready for my arrival.

October 1 – Leave Haines
October 2 – Arrive in Juneau & Plane to Seattle to London to Warsaw to Krakow
October 3 – Arrive in Krakow (Visit Teatr Groteska)
October 5 – Train to Berlin (Die Schaubude)
October 8 – Train to Wrocław (Interview Jakub Krofta)
October 10 – Train to Prague (Interview Nina Malíková, Jan Švankmajer, Buchty a Loutky, etc.
October 22 – Train to Hradec Kralove (Interview Josef Krofta)
October 24 – Train to Warsaw (Interview Henryk Jurkowski)
October 27 – Train to Vienna (Theater Museum)
October 30 – Train to Hallstatt
November 1 – Train to Lucerne (Business Meeting)
November 3 or 4 – Train to Huémoz Switzerland (L’Abri) (Automata Museum)
November 9 – Train to Chamonix France
November 10 – Train to Lyon (Puppet Museum, Guignol)
November 13 – Train to Paris (Aurelia Ivan, Guignol, etc)
November 20 – Train to Charleville- Mézières (ESNAM/UNIMA)
November 22 – Train to Brussels (Toone Theatre)
November 24 – Train to London (Little Angel Theatre, Brothers Quay etc)
November 27 – Train to Sunderland England (Lenka Pavlickova)
November 29 Train to Aberdeen
December 3 – Train to Edinburgh & Plane to Paris
December 6 – Plane to London to Seattle to Juneau
December 7 – Ferry to Haines

Byrne Power
Haines, Alaska
September 29 2012

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  1. November 3 or 4!

    September 29, 2012 at 3:33 PM

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