A Journey Into European Puppetry

A Lecture On Texture

Handa Gote Puppets

Some very Textural Marionettes from Handa Gote’s Faust December 2018

One subject I have been mulling over for decades now is the effect of texture upon our lives. My interest in puppetry was essentially an outgrowth of my interest in texture, rather than the other way around. Puppetry struck me as an art that allowed an expression of the textural and the tactile. I was under the impression all along that it was a subject that had been puzzled over for years. Especially by puppeteers. Then I discovered that I was wrong. My musings about texture seemed to be new grounds for inquiry in aiding us to make sense of this age we find ourselves stranded in.

Czech Woman Puppet

A Lady Puppet with Texture in the Basement of Prague’s Říše Loutek 2018

I was discussing this with some puppet folks, who were surprised by my textural ideas. I was actually asked to write a more detailed treatise on texture and puppetry for a publication, though it seems that essay is somewhat orphaned now. But that just means that somewhere down the road I might share it here. Meanwhile as a result of the essay I had written and my further researches into the meaning of texture I also had a chance to give a more in depth lecture on the subject at L’Abri in Switzerland. And that I will share with you now.

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Updates and News:

By the way I have recently created a second YouTube channel, The Anadromist, dedicated to my lectures and to discussions of other ideas related to history, culture and the arts. I’ve just had too many notions rambling around in my head to leave simply sitting there where they won’t do much good. So while you are listening to the lecture consider subscribing to that channel. I am trying to build the numbers up so that I can monetize my videos. And also please do consider helping me out through a contribution on PayPal. (Link here and below.) My finances here in Georgia are strangely precarious until October 2019 and I could use really some back up, a little goes a long way here. Thanks.

Siren Puppet

A Siren from Homer’s Odyssey Filled with the Suberb Textures of Age                                        at the Pasqualino International Puppet Museum in Palermo Italy November 2017

In the near future I will also be sharing video and audio content that I can’t put on YouTube for copyright reasons. This will be exclusive for folks who subscribe with a recurring payment through PayPal. So if you subscribe now… you’ll get it too. The first piece in a week will be a Lecture on How Noise Entered Music, complete with many musical examples. (This will also be available for those who subscribe later.)

Meanwhile life in Tbilisi is good and very hot. I have a puppet class outdoors of 150 students to teach July 27th. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m making with them. I’ve been seeing some unforgettable dance concerts, musicians, and more puppets are on the schedule. And soon I will interview Giorgi Apkhazava from the new Tbilisi Chamber Theatre. So stick around. Come back soon. And do seriously consider helping out.

Byrne Power

Tbilisi, Georgia

July 2nd 2019


2 responses

  1. Matt

    I really love your lecture over Elluls Propaganda and you referenced Paul’s work. I guess these two are still well known and admired in Euro circles but ignored in by serious people here. I find them both very helpful and inspiring.

    October 17, 2019 at 7:54 PM

    • Thanks for your comment. Actually Ellul is much more respected in North America than in Europe. And Paul Vanderklay is unknown outside of the UK, and there not too much.
      Here’s a link to the Ellul Society.
      I have copied your email then removed it. You shouldn’t leave those links around for the spammers. My own email is on The Anadrmist page in a reply, parsed so the bots don’t find it.

      October 17, 2019 at 8:52 PM

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