A Journey Into European Puppetry

Storm Clouds and Provisions for the Journey

With two weeks left to go and little storm clouds appear on the horizon of the Gravity From Above documentary, mostly in the shape of dollar signs, or actually as euro symbols. In the last month the euro has climbed back up about 9¢ more to the dollar, which means everything, especially hotel costs, which can never be collected till you are done, have risen substantially. That along with a lower projected Alaska PFD amount and other expenses will have me eating into my living expenses that I was counting on when I return. But I can’t really think about that now. I will have to just go ahead and capture the interviews that I will capture. Since all of the plane tickets, train passes and hotel reservations have been made I am on my way October 1st no matter what. I am trying to cut corners by finding folks to stay with in certain towns, but it is what it is. Hopefully winter won’t be too intense when I return to Alaska.

A Swordsman by the late Austrian Richard Teschner who pioneered many modern techniques in the mid-20th Century. I’m going to see the collection of his work in in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum

On the bright side, Christos in Switzerland is going to be helping me out with camera and sound equipment. I’ll be able to guarantee that the images are going look and sound professional. THIS is a real relief. I was beginning to lose a little sleep on this. But I knew better. This whole project is an act of faith, it’s best not to worry it too much. He’ll rent the gear and it will meet me in Berlin when I get there near the beginning of my trip.

Speaking of my itinerary you might be interested in following along. Next entry I will give you all a breakdown of my route: places and dates.

More to come…

Byrne Power

Haines Alaska


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