A Journey Into European Puppetry

Die Schaubude

2005 Journey into European Puppetry #4


Torsten and Irene of Das Weite Theater in Berlin.

If you’ve read GRAVITY FROM ABOVE for awhile you might be curious about the journey that started it all back in 2005. Here’s the fourth part. More will follow shortly. (These originally appeared on my other site, The Anadromous Life.)


On to Berlin… The name alone conjures up some powerful images: Prussian soldiers, 1920’s decadence, Hitler, the Russians ripping the city to shreds, the Cold War and dances on the crumbling Wall. It’s all there and much more: A city obliterated by the past and a perpetual construction zone preparing for an unrealized future. City workers spend time erasing neo-Nazi graffiti, while the overwhelming Turkish presence raises questions yet to be answered. What does Islam mean in secular Berlin? (Follow the link below to read the essay.)

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