A Journey Into European Puppetry

Spejbl & Hurvinek

A Brief History Of Puppetry

Laurel & Hardy Puppets

Puppets of comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy join the marionettes at the Spejbl and Hurvinek Theatre in Prague, March 2016.

March 2016 while in Huémoz Switzerland I had a chance to give a lecture with slides called A Brief History of Puppetry at L’Abri. Now I have met people involved with puppetry who know an awful lot about the subject. This lecture isn’t really for them, though I suspect they’d appreciate it. This is for the multitudes who only have a glimmer of an idea about puppetry. A couple of years ago I uploaded my Puppetry As Antidote Art, which was essentially my personal apologia for puppetry to be considered as a serious art form. And I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have watched it and in some manner contacted  me as a result. And so I present to you a more detailed follow-up. Not a particularly scholarly history but nevertheless more involved and detailed than anything else to be found in video at this moment.

(It’s over an hour and a half long. The best way to watch it might be to download it and spend some time with it. I’ve added much more visual material than when I gave it live so that should help.)

If you find it worthwhile let me know. And if you want to correct my dates and facts also get in touch. Leave comments below or on the YouTube page.

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Stay tuned, more will be developing as we go. And thanks to all those who have already helped out or followed our progress in some manner.

Byrne Power

Haines, Alaska

April 9th 2017